"In 1ère S, my stress increased and I had a very demanding teacher in mathematics. While in previous years, mathematics had always been my strong subject, this year my grades remained average with mistakes due to lack of attention. I went to the first session of sophrology more by obligation than by choice.
However I must confess that once the session ended my feelings had completely changed. These 45 minutes were so relaxing.
In a few sessions, I learned to concentrate on my breathing, to let go and to focus. I was also given some small exercises to fight against stress.
Sophrology helped me to prepare for my exams and my grades improved. It teached me to be more careful and more focused on what I was doing. "
Max, 16 years old
"Thanks to Alexandra Bouée’s gentleness and natural kindness, you learn, in full confidence, how to breathe with consciousness, to feel precisely your body and tensions, to unwind slowly and let go. Simple exercises were given to practice at home between two sessions to adopt a zen attitude! Everything was perfect. Thank you again! "
Valérie, 42 years old
"I had the opportunity to discover sophrology last year thanks to Alexandra, at a key moment in my life. I had given birth to twins six months earlier and at the same time I had to move, do some work in my new house, while taking care of my 3 years old daughter, who was sending me messages that all these changes were a little too much in her little life!
Sophrology at this particular moment of my life allowed me to breathe (in every meaning of the word). This time for me during the sessions, in the midst of this chaos and stressed life allowed me to avoid a "burn out" and sophrology helped me to give the best out of me in particular situations like the move, or to manage the crises of a 3 years old child!
Bérangère, 38 years old

Mélodie, 10 years old

“I like Sophrology.

I can relax and calm down.

We often practice exercises lying or standing.

I like Sophrology very much”