It is a structured method based on:

- BREATHING exercises



The patient reaches a state of relaxation, which allows him to access his conscience to work, release stress, correct a condition that he wishes to modify.

Sophrology allows you to reconnect with your resources and abilities to improve your balance and well-being.

It is a personal path to serenity and fulfillment. 

Founded in the 1960s, by Professor Caycedo, a neuropsychiatrist of Colombian origin, established in Spain, Sophrology is a method that combines the body and the mind to release the tensions and find harmony and balance.


It stems from Caycedo's interest in oriental techniques and philosophies (yoga, Zen, Buddhism), as well as western techniques such as therapeutic hypnosis, phenomenology and relaxation methods from Schultz and Jacobson.

The meaning of "sophrology" comes from the Greek:

  SOS harmony

PREN consciousness

LOGOS science

It is the “science of consciousness  in harmony”

Looking for a method to prepare for a forthcoming event:

a sporting challenge, childbirth, exams?

Ready to develop and enhance your potential?


Used first in the medical field, mainly in hospitals for pain management, Sophrology then gradually developed in the social field: in individual consultation or as part of a professional coaching, at school or in sports. Sophrology gives support at different stages of your life and for various situations.

Sophrology offers therapeutic exercises and techniques to help you :

- learn how to relax and deal with your stress

- manage your pain and emotions

- improve your sleep and your energy levels

- develop your concentration and memory

- feel more confident and grounded

- prepare for an important event in your life

- build your self esteem

  Stress, anxiety, insomnia,

feeling depressed ?

Wanting to develop your self-confidence and find your strength?

If you want a change in your life,

try Sohprology!