During my last pregnancy in London, in 2010, I discovered sophrology in a group for birth preparation.

These sessions left me  with a very strong memory: discovery of my inner world, connection with my baby, impact of breathing ... From then, Sophrology has remained present in my life through encounters, testimonials, but also sessions for my children, for different situations related to their life at school. Each time, after a few sessions, the results were immediate and efficient, which sharpened my curiosity about this method, its fields of action and its results.

Through the education of my 4 children, but also encounters and my professional experience, I realised the need to take breaks, to breathe and to relax in order to progress better in life. For me, Sophrology meets this need. 

I trained at the Sophrology Academy, in Kent and during 2 years, and met and learned with many French and Swiss Sophrologists:

- Florence Parot (Director of the Academy and president of the Fédération des Ecoles Professionnelles de Sophrologie FEPS),


- Brigitte Decré-Rinner, my mentor, who helped me to start my first client protocols. She introduced me to playful sophrology for children, and I was able to put it into practice for nearly 5 months in a London primary school, where I supervised 5 classes from nursery to CM1 (9 years old in the French system), as well as a group of teachers.


- Dominique Antiglio, Caycedian Sophrologist, with whom I did many sessions for my personal development.


In Zürich since 2017, I have workshops in schools, where I help teenagers to prepare for their exams and teach them how to deal with stress, sleep issues, self confidence.


In consultations, I practice with children and adults to teach them how to let go and relax for a happier life. I help them dealing with stress issues, sleep disorders, and enhance personal development.

I also take care of pain management during illness or chronic pain (tinnitus), burn-out or cancer.

Training and keeping updated on my profession is essential to me. I regularly attend specialist workshops:

Académie de Sophrologie de Paris

- Stress and Sophrology, by Dr Chéné and Dr Auquier

- Teenagers and Sophrology, by Isabelle Lefèvre-Vallée

I have followed the 8-week course of Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in Zurich, in order to discover more about mindfulness and enrich my practice and knowledge with this approach.

I also use the technique of Heart Coherence from Dr David O'Hare, for its beneficial impact on stress, (Training IFEDO Paris).

I am a qualified

Sophrology practitioner

from the Sophrology Academy

(United Kingdom).

I am also qualified by the FEPS

with an Advanced Diploma

of Sophrology.

Officially registered in France

with the Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle

(RNCP level 3/European EQF level 5)

Member of 

the International Federation

of Sophrology (ISF)


L'Association Suisse

des Sophrologues professionnels (ASSP)